Tutorials consist a comprehensive run-down of an old exam, teaching all the fundamentals behind the solutions, with time for questions. They run two hours for midterms and three hours for finals. Hard copies of the review problems to be used will be provided.

These sessions are taught by undergraduate- and graduate-level students with extensive experience in their subject.


Here are a few testimonials from a few of the students, who have attended one of our sessions:

CHEM 212: “Very good, everything was clear, consolidated my knowledge well”

CHEM 222: “Totally worth the $10! Thanks :)!”

PHYS 131: “Good and helpful”


Midterm Tutorials

  • 10$ if you pay online or $15 if you pay at the door

Finals Tutorials

  • 20$ if you pay online
  • 25$ if you pay at the door

You may either pay online or pay at the door.


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