Mobile Clinics


Three times a year, MEDLIFE McGill sends students to volunteer on mobile clinics organized by MEDLIFE.  These trips provide students with a valuable opportunity to experience what medical care looks like in rural, underserved areas, gain exposure to how global medical charities make an impact on the communities they serve, and learn about a foreign country and culture through the context of service!

All of MEDLIFE McGill’s trips are by application only.  Applications, if open, are linked below. We recommend applying early to reserve your spot on the trip!

will be to Lima, Peru during the first week of summer (Apr 29 – May 7).
Please visit our online application here: APPLICATION TO LIMA, PERU

Please note that our summer trip was originally planned to travel to Tena, Ecuador, but was recently switched to Lima, Peru.

Want to know about where we go? Click on the country’s picture for more information!


photo 4


Toothbrushing Station



License: CC A-SA 2.5, GNU


2 thoughts on “Mobile Clinics

    • medlifemcgill says:

      Hi! There will be a mobile clinic trip from December 30 – January 6 to Esmeraldas, Ecuador, the deadline to submit an application will be November 20th. Applications should be up on the website shortly.

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