Service Learning Trips

MEDLIFE offers students the opportunity to volunteer on trips that work to bring aid to developing communities around the world.


Tanzania-Taking Patient Blood Pressure

Mobile Clinics are basic medical clinics that MEDLIFE brings directly to the poor. They are staffed by local general physicians, dentists, gynecologists, and other healthcare workers. Volunteers will have the opportunity to work closely with and learn from these medical professionals.


Volunteer and Boy Pushing Wheelbarrows

The Development Corps assist in the construction of a development project alongside a community in need. Volunteers will work on projects such as water projects, medical clinics, staircase construction projects, patient houses, or other community locales.

3 thoughts on “Service Learning Trips

  1. Tarek Aridi says:

    I am interested in joining. I have special interest in healthcare and clinical work & love to help others. Moreover I have many years of experience in healthcare and hospitals even though not required and I am currently studying health and social services management at McGill.

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