Friday – March 11, 2016*

7:00PM – 7:30PM: Introductions to MICC and Dinner

7:30PM – 8:15PM: Musical Performances

8:15PM – 8:30PM: Presentation of Case Study

Saturday – March 12, 2016

9:30AM – 10:00AM: Doors Open + Take Seats

10:00AM – 10:30AM: MEDLIFE Introduction

10:30AM – 12:00PM: Keynote Speakers

12:00PM – 12:15PM: MEDLIFE Case Presentation

12:15PM – 1:00PM: Lunch

1:00PM – 4:00PM: Case Study Competition

4:00PM – 5:00PM:Case Presentation and Interactive Workshops

8:00PM – 10:00PM: MICC Social Event

Sunday – March 13, 2016

11:00AM – 11:30AM: Brunch and Refreshments

11:30AM – 12:30PM: Awards Ceremony

12:30PM – 1:00PM: Mingle

* The events of Friday, March 11th are highly recommended, however they are OPTIONAL. The presentation of the case study will be broadcast online, so any teams that are not present at the event  will receive all essential information online.