5K Taking STEPS Walk/Run


Thank you everyone for coming out to the 5K Taking Steps Run hosted by MEDLIFE McGill. All proceeds from this even will go towards the MEDLIFE fund, used to build sanitary stations, housing renovations and schools in developing countries. Here are the following running times for those who participated in the run:

18 21min 48sec
14 22min 50sec
7 24min 52sec
3 25min 55sec
9 26min 54sec
2 29min 30sec
4 29min 41sec

30min 10sec

17 17 30min 44sec
12 12 30min 49sec
16 16 31min 15sec
13 13 33min 34sec
5 5 37min 26sec
15 15 37min 31sec

Here are some pictures of this year’s participants!

Ready…Get set, go! DSC_0945.jpg

Our Top Three! DSC_1039.jpg

MEDLIFE Organizers/Volunteers hard at work! dsc_0881

For more pictures, please visit: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B9Kqlb_LaFr_eUlLbk1jZmJtVkk?usp=sharing

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