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Ryan Gazzola

Ryan Joseph Gazzola was born and raised in Burnaby, a suburb of the city, Vancouver, Canada. The 20 year old Singer-Songwriter is currently promoting his debut EP titled “Silently Screaming”. After getting accepted into McGill’s Desautels Faculty of Management in 2013, Ryan began school in Montreal and currently lives and performs there during the months of September-April. He then returns to Vancouver and spends the months of May-August touring the west coast. Ryan’s songwriting has a wide range of influences from artists such as John Mayer, Fleetwood Mac, and Ed Sheeran to Coldplay, Gary Clark Jr., and Maroon 5. His guitar playing has been heavily influenced by some of blues/rock’s greatest legends like Stevie Ray Vaughan, Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton, and B.B King. Click here to learn more about Ryan and hear some of his music.


Effusion A Cappella

Formed over 15 years ago, Effusion started off a small and humble group of musical geniuses who laid a foundation of soul haunting repertoire and mind-numbing good looks for future generations to build on. 15 years, 3 CDs, and countless roadtrips and weekend retreats later, Effusion is still laughing, good-time-ing, and making sweet sweet a cappella. Music sans instruments is our passion and we draw our influences from across the musical spectrum. R&B, soul, gospel, pop, folk, rock, and jazz influences can all be heard in our repertoire. Check them out here.


Chromatones A Cappella

Comprised of singers, beatboxers, and rappers from all across the world, their style reflects the unique diversity of their members. They perform songs of all genres, with a focus in indie rock and R&B. At the end of each semester, they hold a concert to showcase what they’ve been working on. You will also be able to find them performing at events around McGill and Montreal throughout the year, as well as on their website!

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