MICC 2015: MEDLIFE Inter-Chapter Conference

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The first ever MEDLIFE Inter-chapter Conference Competition will be hosted by Montreal’s McGill chapter. The goal of the event is to create a space for MEDLIFE chapters from across the continent to bond over our common interest in medicine, education, and development and collaborate to solve pressing issues.

Chapters will first attend a MEDTalks-style conference involving a variety of talks given by notable professors, members of the community, and students about current issues in their respective fields. Participants will engage in interactive workshops and a case study competition that will expose them to the real challenges that MEDLIFE faces in the impoverished communities that it serves. Teams will be given a real-world problem facing MEDLIFE related to the theme of the MICC: Unresolved Crises. Given budget constraints and background information about the community and situation involved, the teams will be given several hours to come up with original, feasible solutions to the problem at hand. They will then present their idea to a panel of judges who will decide on the best proposal which will be proposed (and possibly implemented!) by MEDLIFE itself.

The event will occur over a span of two days and all members that take part will receive a certificate of participation. Winners of the competition will receive a special award in recognition of their accomplishment.

For the official chapter invite document to MICC 2015, click here.

For the detailed schedule, click here.  The registration form can be found below.

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For further information, please contact miccmcgill@gmail.com or events@medlifeweb.org

Please register below:


Friday Night:

Saturday (All day Event):
Introductions and MEDLIFE Presentation
Meet & Greet
Keynote Speakers
Presentation of Case
Team Preparation/Case Resolution
Final Team Presentations and Workshops
Charity Night Event

Sunday Morning:
Brunch and Awards Ceremony

Here is a map of the important buildings you need to know to navigate yourself through the conference as well as some attractions to visit while you are in Montreal.

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