Local Volunteering

MEDLIFE McGill is committed to improving lives abroad – but did you know we also do our best to give back at home as well?

This semester, we are proud to be coordinating trips to St. Michael’s Mission in Montreal. St. Michael’s Mission works with poor and homeless people in the Montreal area. According to their website, they offer food, showers, and clothing as well as crisis intervention and assistance accessing social services. They also provide information and referrals for mental health and addiction problems. We are currently hosting weekly trips up to St. Michael’s to serve breakfast to the homeless every Wednesday morning.

We are also doing a campaign called: “We Are Not Faceless” which adopts a “Humans of New York” style blog that shines a light on the homeless around the city of Montreal. We accomplish this by interviewing numerous individuals around the city who are willing to share their story and be able to emphasize the fact that they are humans too and should not be forgotten.

If you are interested in the local initiatives that are currently happening, follow us on Facebook and sign up on our LISTSERV in order to receive updates for our upcoming volunteering opportunities.



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