We Are Not Faceless: October 6, 2016

“I came back one night, just like I used to do every day, to sleep here. That was a weekend and there were people coming back from partying and from Burger King. There were five guys that walked past me and one of them struck me in the face as I was sleeping. Luckily, I had my hand over my face. I got up…it was about four o’clock in the morning and was very surprised as to why he hit me. So I got a bar and went after them but by that time the cops passed by and saw me…” – Fernando


We Are Not Faceless: Oct 6, 2016

“It’s difficult living on the streets, but I am tough. I have a hard heart and hard mind. I get by. I wish someone was intelligent in my family and told me where to invest my money. I would have been a doctor, a surgeon. Blood doesn’t bother me, you know.”

– Marcel

We Are Not Faceless: November 17th, 2015

Grandfather went polar bear hunting, there was ice, grandfather had a telescope, he was looking at the polar bear and the bear was sitting on the ice waiting for the seal and he was smart. He went under the ice and took a chunk of ice. The polar bear made a crystal ball that was very shiny. He couldn’t grab the crystal ball so he went diving under the ice. Killed the seal. Sometimes polar bears are smarter than us. Grandfather passed away in 2002. Born in 1921.


Grand-papa est allé faire la chasse à l’ours polaire une fois, il y avait plein de glace partout, Grand-papa avait un télescope, il regardait l’ours polaire qui était assis sur la glace en attendant un phoque, il était très intelligent. Il est allé sous la glace et il s’est emparé d’un morceau. L’ours polaire s’est créé une boule de cristal brillante. Il ne pouvait pas saisir la boule de cristal avec ses pattes, alors il a plongé en-dessous de la glace. Il a tué le phoque. Parfois les ours polaires sont plus intelligents que nous. Grand-papa est décédé en 2002. Né en 1921.