General Meeting and Committee Applications

Hi everyone! Our General Meeting will be Wednesday September 12 from 6-8PM in the Lev Buhkman Room located on the second floor of SSMU. We will be talking about how to get involved with MEDLIFE McGill through Service Learning Trips and committees at McGill! Committee Applications will go live on our website after the General Meeting. See you soon!

Day 1: Mobile Clinic Trip by Meko Deng

After 11 hours of flight time and an 8 hour bus drive, our group of ~50 volunteers have arrived at our hostel in the city of Atacames. We arrived in the early morning and was given the day off to buy water, supplies and recover before the week started.

The day had a very “vacation” vibe to it. Our hostel was connected to a beach. We swam, played beach volleyball and played beach soccer with the locals. By the end of the day, I had almost forgotten that I was there for a volunteering trip.

It was very nice sleeping on a bed that night.


Building Observations 2


MEDLIFE McGill is currently looking into accommodations for all MICC participants. Further information on home stay, hostels/hotels and others will be sent out to those interested. Please indicate which options you are interested in on the registration page, and you will be updated once we have organized accommodation plans.

For more information about MICC, please check out the photos from MICC2015 on our Facebook page.

Once again, it is highly encouraged that all chapters begin planning for MICC2016 as soon as possible, as early planning may be crucial in minimizing the costs of travel and accommodations in Montreal for the weekend. If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact MEDLIFE McGill by e-mailing us at

Travel Award

Coming from out of town and worried about travel expenses? We are excited to announce that this year, we will be having a travel award for select MEDLIFE Chapters in order to cover part of the travel expenses of coming to Montreal. In order to be considered for the travel award, you must fill out the following application. Only one application per chapter must be submitted. It is highly recommended that you fill out the travel award application as early as possible, as the travel award results will be given out on a rolling basis.


Spring 2016: Mobile Clinic Trip To Esmeraldas, Ecuador

Dear Applicant,

Thank you for your interest in participating in a MEDLIFE Mobile Clinic trip! MEDLIFE is a non-profit organization working with students to help communities in developing countries achieve greater freedom from the constraints of poverty and empowering them to live healthier lives. Our long term goal is to make a sustainable impact in these communities.

Participants will work with local health professionals and hopefully gain a better understanding of the inequalities in global health services, and activate a passion for development.

This application is for the trip to Esmeraldas, Ecuador, from Feb 27 to Mar 6. The participation fee will be $805, with a $200 non-refundable deposit. This fee covers accommodation, transportation in country, 5 days of meals, and the medicines our clinic will provide. Airfare is additional. Upon confirmation as a participant, you will gain access to a personalized webpage on MEDLIFE’s website from where you can choose to fund-raise; half of what you raise will go towards your trip, and the other half to the MEDLIFE fund. MEDLIFE McGill will also provide accepted participants with other fundraising opportunities.

The application deadline is: Jan 24, 2015

Spanish knowledge is a strong asset, but not required.


MEDLIFE McGill Executives


***** MEDLIFE is receiving higher than usual interest this year for participating on trips. We highly encourage you to apply as soon as possible, so we can get you started on the registration process to reserve your spot. Otherwise, it is possible for a trip to reach full capacity and for you to lose your spot on the trip. *****