Executive Team

Co-Presidents – Sarah Hick & Kristen Hogg


Hi all! I am a U3 Molecular Biology and International Development major, though my true passion is Russian history, and this is my third year with MEDLIFE McGill. In first year I went on a mobile clinic to Ecuador and I have been hooked ever since! I am thrilled to be Co-Presidents with Kristen this year, and we have some amazing events coming up. (Left)

Hey, hi, hello! I’m Kristen, a U3 Biology major with a minor in Social Studies of Medicine! This is my third year with MEDLIFE and I think it will be the best one yet! MEDLIFE McGill is made up of such a stellar team this year, and I look forward to working with my co-prez Sarah and our all-star execs! (Right) 

VP Communications – Wendy Yan

Hello friends!! I’m Wendy, a U2 MIMM major with a Neuroscience minor and the VP Communications for the 2018-2019 academic year! This is my first year with MEDLIFE but I am so excited to be part of this awesome organization! I’m really passionate about helping out in any and every capacity so I’m working hard for each portfolio!

VP Missions – Steven Stechly & Vibha Rao


Hi! I am a U3 B.A.Sc Political Science and Psychology major. My passion is in healthcare deliverance, so it is a thrill to be working with Vibha this year as VP Missions, planning our MEDLIFE trip locations. I have had the honour of going to Ecuador with MEDLIFE and I am excited to help offer students the same learning opportunity! (Left)

I’m a third year student majoring in Biology and Computer Science. I’ll be working with Steven this year to organize our mobile clinic trips to South America and Africa. I’m passionate about global health and increasing access to sustainable healthcare. I’m excited for our great line up of trips this year and helping y’all have great service-learning experiences. (Right)

VP Fundraisings – Ella Plante & Rafia Bosan


Hey I’m Ella and this is my second year being part of MEDLIFE McGill! I’m super excited to be working with my fab co-VP Rafia to plan some cool and fun events this year!! (Left)

Hi! I’m a U3 Microbiology and Immunology student, and my favourite animal is a quokka. I have been a part of MEDLIFE since first year, and I am very excited to plan lots of FUNdraisers with my Co-VP Ella this year!! (Right)

VP Academics – Vanessa Wong & Helen Wu

Hi hi!! I am a U3 Neuroscience student and this is my fourth and last year with MEDLIFE McGill- yup, joined since my first year! I’m super pumped to be your VP Academics with Helen. Look out for our exciting tutorials and fundraisers and get ready for an amazing year with MEDLIFE!! (Left)

Hi everyone! I’m Helen, one of the Co VP Academics. This is my 3rd year at McGill and I am majoring in Pharmacology. I am very excited to be working with Vanessa this year on the Academics committee! I have been apart of MEDLIFE since my 1st year and it is a pleasure being apart of this organization’s growth. (Right)


VP Local Initiatives – Vivian Qiang & Arisa Mohiuddin

Hello! I’m a U1 Cognitive Neuroscience major, passionate about serving individuals with developmental disabilities, and their families. If you’re interested in learning more about and volunteering in our local Montreal community, join the Local Initiatives committee! (Left)

Hiya! I’m a third year International Development student with a passion for public health. Super excited to build our team of like minded students looking to make sustainable change right here in MTL! Keep a lookout for volunteer opportunities every week. (Right)

VP Informational Outreachs – Kerise Clarke & Thomas Cattelin

Heyoo!! I am a U2 student majoring in physiology! This is my second year in MEDLIFE and on the IO committee. I am super pumped to work with my co-VP and the rest of our IO team to plan awesome events on campus with the purpose of spreading MEDLIFE across campus! Events such as MEDTALKs and other free informative and fun events will be coming just around the corner, so keep an eye out for them! If you have any questions about IO or our events, just shoot me a message! (Left)

Hi! I’m Thomas, entering my 3rd year at McGill majoring in pharmacology. I’m looking forward to my second year part of MEDLIFE! (Left)

VP Finance and Sponsorship – Michelle Hsieh


Hey hey! I am a U1 Nutrition student. This is my second year with MEDLIFE and I am so excited for this coming up year! I manage the finance and help recruit sponsors for our awesome events and fundraisers. I am so excited to work with all you amazing people this year! If you have any questions feel free to contact me. 🙂

VP Media – Connie Yang


Hi friends! I’m a U1 student majoring in anat and cell bio who loves doodling and watching documentaries! I’m super excited to work with all the amazing people in MEDlife mcgill this year and I can’t wait to brings you tons of snazzy photos and promotional images!



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