Executive Team

Co-President – Emily Straley


Hi everyone! I am a U3 Anatomy and Cell Biology student and this will be my fourth year with MEDLIFE McGill. I am super excited to be working alongside Sabrina as co-presidents for the 2017-2018 school year. Together we will help organize projects on a local and global level which aim to alleviate global poverty and aid in ending healthcare disparities. Throughout my time with MEDLIFE I have had the pleasure of interacting with many passionate, driven, caring individuals, and can’t wait to see who we meet this year! If you’re interested in learning more about MEDLIFE feel free to shoot me a message. I’d love to talk about my past experiences with MEDLIFE and let you know how to get more involved at McGill!

Co-President – Sabrina Hennecke



 Hi MEDLIFE family! I’m a U3 Biology major with a minor in Psychology. This is my fourth year of involvement with MEDLIFE McGill, and I’m so excited to be working with Emily and the rest of our amazing executive team to bring you the best year MEDLIFE McGill has seen yet! This year we are expanding into our new Chapter title as ‘Regional Hub’, and the money we raise will go towards building a large multifaceted medical center in the slums of Pamplona in Lima, Peru. I  served as the former VP Finance for two years and have been on two MEDLIFE trips, so if you have any questions about our cause, our local efforts, or you just want to say ‘Hi’, feel free to reach out! Remember, without ‘Family’ we would just be MEDLIE!

VP Communications – Karys Peterson-Katz



Hey everybody! I’m a U2 Honours Cognitive Science Major, minoring in Social Studies of Medicine! This is my second year working with MEDLIFE. First year, I sat on the Missions Committee. I have been on two MEDLIFE missions trips – my first was to Esmeraldas, Ecuardor and my second was to Lima Peru. As your VP Communications, I facilitate collaborations between the different branches of MEDLIFE and spend most of my time updating our social media. (If you’ve ever received a listserv, that’s me!) If you want to be a part of MEDLIFE, don’t hesitate to send a message my way!


VP Missions – Sarah Hick



Hi all! I am a U2 Molecular Biology and International Development student (with a secret minor in Russian history), and this is my second year with MEDLIFE McGill. I have been on two mobile medical clinic trips thus far, and am super excited to bring these opportunities to more people as VP Missions. We run trips focused on global health and development, with a strong education component to stress the necessity of sustainable, equitable participation. I love sharing my adventures with passionate people and am excited for this year!



VP Fundraising -Carolann McNicoll


Hola MEDLIFE! I am a U3 Physiology and Math major with a minor in hispanic studies student. This is my 2nd year as VP Fundraising for MEDLIFE McGill with a total of 4 years with the organisation. I am also the representative for this chapter on the Student Advisory Board with MEDLIFE national. I have been on two MEDLIFE trips and definitely recommend them. I am extremely passionate about the MEDLIFE mission and would love to talk about it with anyone that has questions. The fundraising team is ready for another exciting year! We hope to see you at all our events!


VP Fundraising – Andrew Kim




Dear Sir or Madam, I am a full-time U3 Quantitative Biology student and part-time Kpop star, and this is my third year with MEDLIFE. The Fundraising Committee plans and executes fundraisers that aim to increase the quality of life at McGill through events like Krispy Kreme runs and spinning classes (so you can burn off those donut calories). With my Co-VP Carolann and our zealous committee members, I look forward to a fundraising year with record-breaking profits and record-crushing student body satisfaction. Why did I choose MEDLIFE? I didn’t choose the MEDLIFE, the MEDLIFE chose me.


VP Academics – Ella Plante


Hey hey! I’m a U2 student majoring in Kinesiology. This is my first year with MEDLIFE McGill! The Academics Committee will be running some awesome and affordable tutorials for both midterms and finals. If you have any questions regarding the tutorials or are interested in being a tutor, don’t hesitate to contact us!



VP Academics – Helen Lily

27336032_10210362757602050_1501237074_oHello everyone! I am a U1 Pharmacology and Therapeutics student and this is my second year with MEDLIFE McGill. I am very excited to be one of the VP Academics this year! I look forward to planning affordable tutorials to help everyone during finals and midterms season. We hope to see you at our events and don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions!




VP Local Initiatives & Mac President – Christine Ha


Hello!! 🙂 I am a U3 Global Nutrition student with a minor in Field Studies. I started out with MEDLIFE in fundraising last Winter, and now joining Monica as co-VP Local Initiatives and President of the Macdonald Campus Branch!! There is nothing I love more than giving back to my home city of Montreal, and now I get to bring these volunteer opportunities to students who are equally as passionate as I am! We are looking forward to expand our reach to more vulnerable populations in my community, some of which includes the homeless, the Indigenous population, individuals with Special Needs and welcoming the large number of refugees seeking asylum in Montreal. Creating a new MEDLIFE Branch at Mac will also allow us to reach more students who are looking for ways to help make everyone in Montreal feel at home!   

VP Local Initiatives – Monica Hsieh


Hi everyone! I am a U3 Anatomy and Cell Biology student and this will be my fourth year with MEDLIFE. I am looking forward to be co-VP Local Initiatives with Christine this year! The Local Initiatives Committee emphasizes on the needs of the local Montreal community. Current ongoing projects include the We are Not Faceless and Women Hygiene Awareness campaigns. We are excited to introduce new diverse projects that cater to the local residents and we are open to many new ideas.

VP Informational Outreach – Jane Zhu



Hi there! I’m a U3 Physiology major (senior year woohoo) and this is my fourth year with MEDLIFE McGill. I’ve been involved in the IO committee for the past three years, and I can’t wait to work with Sydney and our IO team to put together some amazing events such as our annual MEDTalks, and Global Health Week initiatives! Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions about the Outreach committee, or how you can get involved with MEDLIFE on campus!

VP Informational Outreach – Sydney Groen


Hi everyone! I’m a U1 student majoring in International Development Studies and minoring in Pathology. This is my second year with MEDLIFE McGill and I’m stoked to be co-VP of Informational Outreach along with Jane. IO is committed to spreading information about MEDLIFE’s mission on campus through a variety of events such as our MEDTalks lecture series, Culture Night, and MEDLIFE Inter-Chapter Conference. I hope to see you at a MEDLIFE event soon!


VP Finance and Sponsorship – Kristen Hogg


IMG_0081Hey guys! I am a U2 student majoring in Biology. This is my second year with MEDLIFE McGill, first year as VP Finance and Sponsorship and I couldn’t be more excited! I manage the club’s finances and help recruit sponsors for all of our great events and fundraisers. I look forward to working with enthusiastic and passionate people this year! If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact me.

VP Media – Elise Garesse

26995387_10213503320450645_1954055164_n . elise.garesse@mail.mcgill.ca

Hello hello! I’m a U3 student representing proudly the faculty of Management with a minor in Political Sciences, and it’s the third year I’m involved with MEDLIFE. I’m super excited to be VP Media this semester, and to lead my great team of photographers, videographers and graphic designers on different projects to promote all of our sub-committees’ work, activities and events. Don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions, or if you want to join us!!




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