MEDLIFE is a non-profit student organization that was established with a view towards alleviating global poverty through the distribution and promotion of Medicine, Education, and Development. With a network of over 50 chapters in universities across North America, MEDLIFE continues to grow. The McGill chapter, the first in Canada, was founded in 2010 giving Canadian students the opportunity to participate.

We currently operate in Ecuador and Peru and hope to expand our reach in the near future. All 50+ chapters send several groups of students each year to areas most in need. These teams, called Service Learning Trips, work to establish a permanent MEDLIFE presence. Whether it’s building fully staffed medical clinics or schools, or the installment of absent necessities such as clean-water wells and staircases, we continue to serve a community until we feel we have done all we can. Our long-term mission is to help families achieve freedom from the constraints of poverty, empowering them to live healthier lives.

When not abroad, members can help at home through fundraising efforts. All donations are put towards the MEDLIFE Fund, and 100% of proceeds are used for the creation of medical clinics, schools, and other development projects specific to the needs of each community.

By providing students with real-life, hands-on experience working with poor and underserved populations, we create socially conscious global citizens who realize the difference they as an individual can make. Like or contact us if you feel the call to action and want to make a permanent impact with MEDLIFE.

Contact us: medlife.mcgill@gmail.com

Follow us: @MEDLIFEMcGill

Learn more about the MEDLIFE Movement: medlifemovement.org

2 thoughts on “About

  1. jitendra Yadav says:

    Medlife service is poor …. yesterday i order a Medicine from Medlife application but still doctor consultation call not come …again reschedule message come 2 hours time giving ….my order I’d. no is or6882cf -002A … then I call customer care they did my order cancel without solution …then I again call customer care said why they did they say that I told them…now again they placed my order or6882cf-003A now again they reschedule my doctor consultation ….plz take some action on it

    • medlifemcgill says:

      Hi Jitendra,
      I believe you are trying to reach Medlife, a medical insurance company in India. This webpage is for MEDLIFE (Medicine, Education, Development for Low Income Families Everywhere) a non-profit organization that provides free, sustainable healthcare to impoverished families in Ecuador, Peru, Tanzania, and Nicaragua. We wish you the best of luck with your order, and apologize for the confusion!
      Emily Straley
      President MEDLIFE McGill

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