Hygiene for Homeless Women – Montreal

MEDLIFE McGill has entered the #yFundUs competition hosted by yconic in an attempt to win $1000 for our newest Local Initiatives Campaign in Montreal!

Our Project: Menstruation is undoubtedly an uncomfortable and undesirable experience, but imagine having to go through a week of bleeding while in a homeless situation. For homeless women, this reality makes personal hygiene incredibly challenging, and this lack of cleanliness can lead to health complications. After recently launching our “We are Not Faceless Campaign” to raise awareness for the understanding and respect of homeless individuals, MEDLIFE McGill is now striving to launch a more focused program, “Hygiene for Homeless Women”, to give homeless women extra support with their health and sanitary needs. Our project involves putting together and distributing free care packages containing sanitary goods such as pads, hand sanitizers and baby wipes, and an info booklet to help these women find the health services they need. We hope that the campaign will increase the community’s understanding of this unique challenge homeless women must deal with. The $1000 will help fund the initial creation of care packages and additionally, be invested in the maintenance and expansion of the “Hygiene for Homeless Women” program. It is our hope, that one day, with the help of others sharing this common vision, we will see this idea spread to more cities and nations.

Help us win $1000 towards our project by voting here:

1. Login to your yconic account or access through your Facebook or Gmail!
2. Vote for our video (up to 1 vote every day).
3. You automatically get entered into a $1000 draw just for voting!

Deadline for votes is June 30, 2015 at 11:59am ET. Help us help others!

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