We Are Not Faceless: January 28th, 2015

While handing out subs and socks this past Monday, we came across a spirited couple whose story we were grateful to hear:

Oh, don’t worry at all about that pair of socks being too small for me. They’ll look lovely on my wife, don’t you think they’ll match that jacket she has on now? Here, put these socks on, honey.

She got that coat just this morning, you know. Just this morning, today. There’s this lady who my wife says hi to every morning, every morning they chat for a bit on the lady’s way to work, and today the lady gave her this coat. As a Christmas gift, she said. It’s brand-new, it even had the tag on it when she got it, and it’s super warm for cold days like this. Doesn’t she look great in it? I think she looks amazing.


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