We Are Not Faceless: January 20th, 2015

Story subject, pictured with volunteer Sharon C. (right)
About 40 years ago, my father left turbulent China during the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution. He came to Canada in search of a better life. He worked his ass off in a Cantonese restaurant so that he could bring his family here and provide his children a brighter future. I followed in his footsteps and became a Cantonese cook. Now I have my own business in Montreal and it is under renovation. I get some free time now and I’m just here hanging out with my friends. I always think about my dad and the valuable life lessons he had taught me. He passed away last year and I always carry a picture of him in my wallet. I’ve never been to China, but my dream is to go back there one day and see the place where my dad grew up.


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