MICC 2015: MEDLIFE Inter-Chapter Conference

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Our first annual MICC event is scheduled to take place on Saturday, March 28th and Sunday, 29th in Montreal, Canada at McGill University. Its theme will be Unresolved Crises.


The format for MICC is a conference-style competition between MEDLIFE chapters from across North America. The goal of the event is to create a space for MEDLIFE chapters to bond and collaborate to solve pressing issues related to the theme of the conference: Unresolved Crises. Teams will engage in interactive workshops and a case study competition that will expose them to the challenges in the field of alleviating poverty in respect to the three pillars of MEDLIFE – Medicine, Education, and Development. Lastly, participants will be able to gain insight into the personal and professional experiences of numerous notable professors, members of the community, and students who will be hosting a variety of lectures and discussions about their respective fields as they relate to Unresolved Crises.


The event will start off with M.E.D. Talks-style presentations by professors, community members, and students to inspire attendees to begin thinking critically about global health and the challenges faced within the field. After a break for lunch, conferees will be presented with their case study – a multi-faceted public health scenario that mirrors what MEDLIFE faces in the low-income communities it serves. This case study will pertain to the theme of Unresolved Crises. With the given budget constraints and background information, each team will have time to work together to come up with an effective and realistic solution to present to a panel of judges. There will also be a series of theme- related workshops to further engage the participants while judging takes place. Following the afternoon events, participants are invited for a fun night out to raise money for the MEDLIFE fund (included in the registration fees). On Sunday morning, we will have an awards ceremony to acknowledge the winning team as well as the honourable mentions. The awards ceremony will be followed by a brunch celebration to finish off the event.


Friday Night:

Saturday (All day Event):
Introductions and MEDLIFE Presentation
Meet & Greet
Keynote Speakers
Presentation of Case
Team Preparation/Case Resolution
Final Team Presentations and Workshops
Charity Night Event

Sunday Morning:
Brunch and Awards Ceremony

For the detailed full schedule, click here.

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For further information, please contact miccmcgill@gmail.com or events@medlifeweb.org.

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