5K Taking STEPS Walk/Run

10608559_569773426460100_2929605531860309569_o (1)

Looking for a way to meet some new people or take on a fun healthy challenge? Why not drop by MEDLIFE McGill’s 5K Taking STEPS run on September 20th at 10am starting at Roddick Gates! Proceeds earned from the run will go towards MEDLIFE’s projects such as building a cafeteria or running mobile clinics in impoverished regions.

Here is a run down of all the details:

  1. REGISTRATION: Online registration requires a fee of $17.50 and a credit card. To register online click here. Cash payments can be arranged by contacting Sijia Wang at si.j.wang@mail.mcgill.ca
  2. T-SHIRTS: We ask that you register as soon as possible in order to snag a T-shirt (supplies are limited!) and so we can provide enough food and water for our lovely participants.
  3. PRIZES: We have giftcards that will be awarded to fast runners and also to winners of a draw. Everyone will have a chance to win!
  4. FOLLOW US: Follow our Facebook event page to stay updated on announcements and changes by clicking here.

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